Staking Hub: Cosmos Game of Zones AMA

Zaki Manian (Tendermint team) & Dean Tribble (Agoric) joined us on Nov 5, 2019 to discuss Cosmos IBC and Game of Zones (GoZ). IBC enables blockchains to exchange value & data. GoZ will test & train operators of IBC with 100,000 ATOMs in rewards, likely beginning in January 2020.

Quick Takes

  • IBC enables blockchains to exchange value & data.
  • Game of Zones (GoZ) incentivizes the Cosmos community to learn to operate IBC relayers and test its functionality & security.
  • Validators, wallet operators, and app developers are likely to participate.
  • GoZ may begin in Dec, but likely January and last for three weeks.
  • Each stage of the game will teach & reward different IBC-related operations.
  • Prizes total 100,000 ATOMs, funded by the ICF, likely judged by Zaki & Dean Read more