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Computational Microeconomics Part 3: Smart Markets in Action

This is the third part of a three-part series in which Professor Kevin McCabe of George Mason University talks about experimental microeconomics, and about the role Agoric’s smart contract platform is playing in his annual summer program for advanced undergraduates. Read more

Go Inside a Computational Microeconomics Summer Camp

Each summer, Professor Kevin McCabe of George Mason University runs a special program in computational economics for advanced undergraduates. This summer, McCabe’s program is investigating Agoric’s smart contract platform of Zoe and ERTP as a research tool. McCabe sat down with us for a conversation about computational experimental economics, and we’re sharing it here as a three-part series. Read more

NY Tech Latinas - Latina Luminaries Fireside Chat with Vanessa Pestritto

NY Tech Latina’s first program is Latina Luminaries, a bi-monthly fireside chat featuring Latina leaders and executives doing amazing work in the Tech ecosystem. This edition’s guest speaker will be Vanessa Pestritto, Director of Partner Programs at Agoric, a safe smart contracts framework for an open, global economy. Read more