Securing JavaScript Modules

Up to this point, SES has supported evaluating scripts in the SES runtime. Since every non-trivial application has many modules, running an application previously required creating a script bundle with a tool like Browserify. We’re excited to announce the first release of SES that directly supports loading ECMAScript modules. This is the first in a series of milestones toward delivering a seamless experience for applications that use both ECMAScript and CommonJS modules.

Support for ECMAScript modules has been released in SES (Secure ECMAScript) version 0.8.0. Generally, SES refers to an effort to introduce security features to JavaScript, and specifically to our reference implementation, or shim, of the proposed standards, which is available on npm.

JavaScript was created to enable web surfers and motorists of the information superhighway to safely run programs offered by strangers. A web page puts JavaScript programs in a sandbox that restricts their abilities while maximizing utility. Read more