Testnet Verification

Submission Deadline is March 23rd, 2021 at 3pm PDT.

Please read thoroughly before proceeding.

You’ve been selected for the Agoric incentivized testnet! Now to the final step to accept a seat at the incentivized testnet is to pass KYC/AML checks.

  • Enter your name as it appears on your identity document.
  • Enter the email address used to register for the testnet.
  • As a reminder, only one node per verified identity is allowed in the incentivized testnet.

If you are registering as an entity (company, organization), you may have additional paperwork to manage, so please proceed with the KYC process for yourself. An Agoric team member will reach out to you on Monday with any additional requests, if needed.

You will be redirected to a third party site, Veriff, to complete the verification process. If you have any questions on where the data is stored or would like to review their policies, then please review their site here.

Once you complete the Veriff KYC/AML process, our team will email you to confirm your status in the Agoric incentivized testnet. Please make sure to check your spam folders! Seats in the incentivized testnet are limited.